Loves your bum

Everyone loves the never ending softness of Quilton. Choose from our classic premium 3 Ply in regular or King Size, Double and Triple length. Or enjoy the ultimate luxury of our 4 Ply Gold which is now available enriched with the silky softness of Shea Butter.

No wonder we’re Australia’s most loved toilet tissue.

Watch Cupid Dance!

Premium 3 Ply

Look #no hands!

Our original 3 Ply is where it all began. The most popular, most recognised and most loved toilet tissue in Australia is available in larger packs with our famous easy-carry Love Handle™


Double Length 3 Ply

Double rolls, #less fuss

Quilton Double Length has the same superior 3 Ply softness you know and love, in double the length of regular Quilton. Spend less time changing the roll and more time enjoying our never ending softness.


Triple Length 3 Ply

Triple rolls, #much less fuss

These are officially our longest rolls, so you can be triply sure you’ll be spending less time changing them and more time enjoying our legendary softness.


King Size 3 Ply

Larger sheets, #more comfort

Quilton King Size is guaranteed to make a big impression. It combines Quilton’s superior 3 Ply softness with 25% larger sheets*. Fit for the Queen as well, Quilton King Size is the more comfortable choice for your royal family throne.

With wider and longer sheets* Quilton King Size will still fit standard toilet roll holders with the exception of a few older models.

*25% larger than regular Quilton sheets 11cm x 10cm


Gold 4 Ply

Go for gold

Quilton Gold is our finest premium toilet tissue with an extra layer of ply. With 4 Ply superior softness you can be sure of the ultimate in gold star treatment.


King Size Gold 4 Ply

The best of #both worlds

Our most luxurious super-sized pack of Quilton ever.

With 25% larger* King Size sheets made using our famously supersoft
Gold 4 Ply tissue we created the most well appointed rolls on the planet.

*25% larger than regular Quilton sheets 11cm x 10cm


Shea Butter Enriched 4 Ply

Luxurious #silky softness

Introducing the newest addition to the Quilton family. Luxurious 4 Ply Gold tissue enriched with the silky softness of Shea Butter that will leave you feeling wonderfully pampered.



Greener #is softer

Quilton Ecoply is our regular 3 Ply toilet tissue made with a 100% recycled middle layer. That way you can be sure you’re doing that extra bit for the planet without feeling like you’ve compromised on our never ending softness.

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