Australians Helping Australians

We were overwhelmed with the positive response to our 1 Million Rolls Donation Project completed in April 2020.

We’d like to give a big heartfelt Thank You to all the individual charity workers whose relentless efforts are making it possible for the donated rolls to reach elderly and vulnerable Australians.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

In these difficult times it’s good to see that people working together for a common goal are unbeatable.

Here are some of the organisations that received their delivery of Quilton!

Anchor Inc

“A huge thank you to Quilton Everyday Love for your generous donation to Anchor which we will distribute to our clients. Quilton is donating one million rolls of toilet paper to charities across Australia who will then provide it to people in need. What an amazing initiative during these challenging times!”


“Thank you Quilton Everyday Love 💜

Today they donated two pallets of toilet paper for us to distribute across our services in ACT and NSW! We are so blown out of the water with the donation and the fact that we can get this out to our hardest hit regions in rural NSW.”

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

“Thank you to those who cast their vote for us for Quilton’s 1 million toilet rolls for charity! We are one of the lucky recipients today.”

CECA MosaiX Missional Church

“We are so excited to receive your company’s toilet paper and being accepted to join into your 1 million rolls charity event. We are going to distribute those toilet papers this week and surely will take some pictures for your reference.  May the Lord bless your company and your work, through we work together to bless the community.”

CIRE Services

“Who’d ever thought a gift of toilet paper would bring joy to the faces of so many people. That’s been the case in the Yarra Ranges where Cire distributed hundreds of packs of toilet paper on behalf of Quilton as part of its coronavirus campaign to support people most in need during the unprecedented paper shortage when commodities such as toilet paper were like ‘gold’.”

Crohns & Colitis Australia

“Quilton generously donated 6,000 rolls of toilet paper to our members and we have been distributing these care packs to those members in desperate need for past few weeks.”

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care

“Thank you so much for helping with my energy bill and for dropping off the Quilton care package during this trying time! I’m so grateful for your wonderful assistance and help.” – Cystic Fibrosis Community Care member


“A massive shout out to Quilton for answering the call of many charities and helping us as an essential service support people who are experiencing homelessness in these crazy and unprecedented times.”

Drought Angels

“There are many places we are seeing generosity in our world currently and Drought Angels was yesterday, on the receiving end of some of that kindness and generosity.⁣ This has been just such an incredible donation, wow, what a truly wonderful Australian brand. Thank you.”

Foodbank - NSW, ACT, VIC & WA

“The lovely people at ABC Tissue have not only been working around the clock to keep up with the panic buying of loo paper, but have generously donated 1 MILLION rolls to chaties and organisarions aroun Australia to ensure it gets to vulnerable and elderly members in our communities.”

Friends with Dignity

“Can you believe this incredible donation of Quilton toilet paper?!!

Our Friends at ABC Tissue Products and Quilton have donated this amazing load of toilet paper for our Sanctuary Program! Toilet paper is an essential item for our Bathroom packs, gifted to every family in our Sanctuary program, so that they may start their lives again after escaping domestic violence.”

Good 360

“7NEWS Sydney was at Lomandra School on Wednesday to see how Good360 are helping connect our donors including Quilton Everyday Loveto those affected by COVID-19.”

Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands

“Thank you so much to everyone who sent emails to Quilton in the one million toilet give away to charities. They said they got soooo many emails. Thank you !! Thanks you !! A Wonderful surpise from Quilton Everyday Love, they just dropped of three pallets of toilet paper”

Jesuit Refugee Service

“A sight for sore eyes. So grateful to Quilton Everyday Love for ensuring people seeking and refugees have this essential item at this vulnerable and precarious time.”

Launch Housing

Mama Lana’s Community Foundation

“Thank you’ Sooooo very much to Quilton, for your thoughtful and much needed initiative, and ‘Thank you’ very much to those who nominated ‘Mama Lana’s community foundation”

Meals on Wheels NSW, QLD

“A big thank you to Quilton Everyday Love for helping us deliver ‘more than just a meal’ by generously donating toilet paper to our clients.”


“Thanks to Quilton Everyday Love for supplying OzHarvest Brisbane with a huge number of toilet roll packs to distribute to people and families facing urgent need of essential products during this unprecedented time of need.”

Romero Centre - Mercy Community

“ABC tissues make sure that vulnerable people are not left behind with their essential needs. Romero Centre says ABC tissues compassion and friendship is inspiring.”

Safe Futures Foundation

“Safe Futures Foundation received Quilton Everyday Love toilet rolls right in time. With so many clients and so many properties, they were very concerned about the shortage of supply and their ability to provide these basic essentials.

“With our clients unable to risk going out in public due to family violence, heightened with restrictions in place, watching them trying to purchase essential goods for their little families was absolutely heartbreaking.”

In recent weeks Safe Futures have been providing care packages to their clients in safe refuges, crisis and temporary properties. Many of these women and children have been unable to leave these properties to do basic shopping. We’re so glad that we could help and a special thank you to Quilton for helping #makegoodhappen”

Salvation Army NSW, QLD, WA

“Keeping up with caring for the community!

With pallet-loads of toilet paper being delivered to our depots around Australia, our teams will be distributing to individuals and families who can’t access essential supplies during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Second Bite NSW, QLD ,SA, VIC, WA

“Thank you to Quilton Everyday Love for their much needed donation of 200,000 rolls of toilet paper as part of their 1 Million Rolls campaign, to distribute to our community partners for people in need. Such wonderful generosity during these uncertain times.

The SecondBite Queensland team delivered a bulk load of food into ADRA South Queensland last week. The team at ADRA set to work and put together hundreds of hampers, including packs of Quilton Everyday Love toilet paper, to support their ever-growing community of families in need of food assistance.”


Southern Aboriginal Corporation

“Quilton Everyday Love, thank you for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated by the Noongar community in Great Southern region of WA. The donation has reached the smaller towns too.”

St Bartholomew House WA

“While toilet paper scarcity rolls on(pun intended!), we were delighted to be nominated for Quilton Everyday Love’s 1 Million Rolls donation initiative. Remember, we’re all in this together, so please spare a thought for the people in our community who are struggling to get a hold of the most basic essential items”

St Paul Anglican Burwood

Vinnies NSW, VIC, WA

“Our friends at Quilton Everyday Love generously donated the most coveted treasure of the day– toilet paper!

They hauled over a massive 83 pallets of toilet paper containing almost 100,000 rolls of the soft stuff. These much-needed rolls will go to Vinnies services helping people facing poverty, homelessness and other kinds of disadvantages.”