Because every nose is special

Quilton invites you to love your nose with our range of 2, 3 and 4 Ply Facial Tissues.
Not just kind to noses, they’re also perfect for make-up removal, mopping up small spills and wiping away tears. Created with unique combinations of strength and softness, it’s no wonder more people are reaching Quilton.

Loves Your Nose TVC

Hypo Allergenic 2 Ply

For sensitive noses

Our Hypo-allergenic Facial Tissues are made to help reduce the risk of allergic reactions making them ideal for those who suffer from mild skin irritations.


Extra Thick 3 Ply

Quality you can trust

Bringing you the strength of 3 Ply and the famous Quilton ultra softness, our Extra Thick Facial Tissues are guaranteed to bring a smile to your nose!


Aloe Vera 3 Ply

For really sore noses

Containing soothing Aloe Vera and perfect for those who have a need to blow their nose regularly. Will help reduce redness and dry skin as well as just feeling super nice.


Aloe Vera 4 Ply

For extra care

Combining the soothing properties of Aloe Vera with the luxurious softness of our finest 4 Ply tissue. Ideal for those occasions that need just that little bit of extra care.


Eucalyptus 3 Ply

For blocked noses

Infused with the cleansing qualities of Eucalyptus for when you’ve got that blocked feeling. 3 Ply strong and Ultra Soft they’ll be there for you and your nose on the road to recovery.


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